Rogers to Unlock iPhones After 90 Days

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rogers announced today that they will be changing their unlocking policy, which is great news for travellers and International SIM card users.

Rogers customers who pay the full unsubsidized price for an iPhone (as in a pay-as-you-go activation) are eligible to have their iPhones unlocked immediately.

Beginning some time in March, Rogers customers who are under contract can have their iPhones unlocked 90 days after activation.  Previously these customers had to wait until their full term (usually 3 years) had ended.

Unlocking still incurs a fee of $50 in either case, and it can be done at any of Rogers’ retail stores.  Previously, unlocking could only be done by calling their customer service phone lines.

The CRTC will be holding hearings next week with regards to their draft of the potential Wireless Code, and it’s widely believed that they will be instituting limits on carrier unlocking, so this move seems to be preemptive of that.

According to Rogers’ Community Management Specialist, this policy will also extend to their Fido and Chatr brands.

Rogers also announced a new United States data roaming rate today, offering 50MB of data over a 1 day period for $7.99.  While this is still more expensive than roaming with an international SIM card as I’ve described in my prior posts, this is a significant discount relative to past roaming rates.

  • gs3-owner

    Several 3rd party sites are quoting this new Rogers policy, but none of them provide a link to the official announcement – how annoying. If I walk into my Rogers dealer looking for this service, I’d like to be armed with more than, “I read it on the Internet…”.

  • I have 2 Rogers iPhones to unlock and is there a way I can pay you guys online and get them unlocked? Please advice. Thanks.

    • Just head down to the Rogers store, they should be able to do it for you. I don’t do any unlocking myself, nor do I know of the best place online to have it done.