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I just finished reading the brand new book Guerrilla Social Media Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shane Gibson (@shanegibson).  I had pre-ordered this book prior to launch and was excited to get my hands on it this week.  Earlier this year in Washington D.C., I first saw Shane Gibson address a professional organization that I belong to, after which I read his first social media marketing book Sociable.  I also received two days of intensive social media marketing training that he hosted recently in San Diego, and I’m about to see him again soon in Texas.  Even though I have traveled twice (soon to be three times) across the continent to see him, ironically he lives in my same city of Vancouver, Canada and yet I was unfamiliar with him previously.

His techniques, after much individual struggle, allowed me to properly focus the social media marketing strategies for my businesses (primarily @boutiquemac) by defining what social media is, what of the myriad of tools are most useful for deploying an effective strategy, and how it is critical for a social media marketing strategy to be tied in to a traditional face-to-face networking strategy.

His new book covers much of the same tools and techniques discussed in his training, and in his prior book Sociable, using the same extremely analytical approach.  This book is a heavy read in the sense that it is composed of a dense amount of useful material.  You will find yourself re-reading this book, and referring to it constantly as a reference guide as you broaden your social media marketing skills and look to deploy new tools.

While his book is a bit lighter on structuring the conversational aspects of social media marketing and developing your persona (insofar as tweeting and blogging are concerned), the book definitely points you in the right direction for how to choose and use the right tools.  There are a number of mediums and many tools – some of them are very obscure – and as with any form of technology, new tools and integration methods pop up daily.  Of all of the books written by the social media mavens, many discuss tools in passing.  Shane however delves very deeply into each individual tool, informs you of its usefulness, and guides you through its deployment.  If social media marketing is like a war, then think of the Guerilla Social Media Marketing as the operations manual for your missiles, tanks, communications infrastructure, and tactics.  To train your individual soldiers you may want to supplant it with some other books, or just send them to Toastmasters.  If you are a human with basic interpersonal communications skills, you’re already most of the way there.  At the end of the day, social media marketing is ultimately about people talking to people (or soldiers shooting at other soldiers, to continue the analogy).

One notable difference between Guerrilla Social Media Marketing and his prior book is coverage of internationally-oriented social networks.  While his prior book Sociable, along those of many other domestic authors, focused on North America-centric tools such as Twitter and Facebook, Shane also introduces tools that are popular or dominant in other specific countries.  If you have a service or product marketed internationally, it’s essential to understand the most efficient method to penetrate social media circles in your target countries.

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing is not only a great tool to help you take your first steps in social media marketing, but it will assist your growth as you “get it”, by guiding you towards other niche areas of the ‘net that may be brimming with prospects for your business.

Image of Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits