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Many of the readers of my blog arrive here as the result of an online search for SIM cards for Mexico.  A new SIM card service was brought to my attention today, so I thought I should let everyone know about it. is a new service that provides SIM cards on either the Telcel or Iusacell networks.  They appear to have a variety of SIM cards available, including Regular SIMs (for iPhone 3G/3GS), microSIMs (for the iPhone 4 or 4S or iPads) and nanoSIMs (for the iPhone 5).  You also have a choice of pre-loading the SIM cards with a fixed amount of airtime.

I have written in the past about how you can purchase a Telcel SIM card after you arrive in Mexico, however I am always keen to pre-purchase my SIM cards prior to visiting a new country, so I can begin using my phone the moment the plane touches down. appears to be another service that accomplishes this.

Prices range from US$19.95 for a Iusacell SIM pre-loaded with 50 Pesos (about US$4.00) worth of airtime credit, up to US$59.95 for a lusacell SIM with 3GB of Data and 450 Pesos (about US$36) worth of airtime credit.  Prices include shipping (to you in advance of your trip) and payment is via PayPal.

I have no affiliation with this company, I have not tried them yet and they are not paying me for this mention or any sort of affiliate credit, so I can’t vouch for them at all.  If you try them and have a comment about your experience, whether good, bad, or neutral, please post it in the comments section so we can all learn from your experience.

Since payment is made by PayPal, you do get a certain amount of protection if things go bad for some reason though.

One thing to keep in mind when you review their web site is that they use the same symbol for Pesos as we use for Dollars ($) so when you see a SIM that includes $70 MXN of airtime, this is 70 Mexican Pesos.  The conversion rate at the moment to US (USD) or Canadian (CAD) dollars is approximately USD/CAD$1=12.5 Pesos, thus $70 MXN = $5.60 USD/CAD$.

You can also contact on their Twitter account at @mexicosimcard.